Planner Profile: Julie Mason


If you haven’t checked out Julie’s bio on our About page, you should.  Julie is one of the newest additions to our team and we couldn’t be happier to gain her enthusiasm and expertise in the wedding/event industry.  Julie has been involved with events for a number of years, and has been involved with many prestigious organizations that have allowed her to not only assist in the planning of events, but also travel the country, even the world, as she does it.  She even got the chance to attend the Winter Olympics in Vancouver!

After sitting down with Julie on a cold and snowy morning, I had the opportunity to get inside her head about her thoughts on planning events and weddings.

TTT: Julie, in addition to wedding planning, you have extensive experience in non-wedding related events. How does wedding planning differ from the non-wedding events you have been involved with?

Julie: Weddings are more emotional. Sometimes the decision making is harder to come by compared to a corporate event, where decisions are often based on business goals.  Although it’s important to carry out the expectations  and over deliver for both types of events, weddings only happen once, and they are often the most important event of someone’s life. Planning a wedding, much like any corporate event, is about listening to someone’s vision, interpreting it, and ensuring every detail comes out correct. At the end of the day, if a sign doesn’t get put up for a corporate event, chances are no one will notice, or be upset about it. But at a wedding, if the flowers aren’t delivered, or if they are the wrong color, there will certainly be some emotional backlash to deal with!

TTT: Such a great point! Since the majority of our focus for many years has been on the bride and groom, do you think TTT is cut out for corporate events? If so, what kind of clients should we pursue?

Julie: Oh yes, I definitely think we are cut out for any type of event. However, in my opinion, there is a different mentality of corporate VS social events.  Because we love to go over the top with clients’ wishes, we would be a great pick for a company that wants to do an “over-the-top” event.  A company that wants to make a splash, or do a grand opening, or even a launch party – that would be best for us; large scale events. Memorable, impactful events are TTT’s specialty!

TTT: You got that one right. We love to be creative! We do a lot of themed weddings and weddings that feature bold color choices, all of which carry out the dream of many brides. Speaking of dreams, what would your dream wedding theme be?

Julie: Oh my, that’s a great question! I really just dream about planning a wedding that becomes a big party with all the couple’s friends.  Directly playing off the personalities of the couple and planning around their likes and dislikes to create a party their friends won’t forget.  To me, that’s what makes a perfect wedding.

TTT: Did you incorporate any of that into your own wedding?

Julie: Totally! That’s just what my husband and I did. In fact, we even decided to shorten our family guest list to include more friends! We are fortunate to share a large group of common friends from Penn State and it was important to us that they all be there to celebrate with us.  We even had the Nittany Lion mascot come in with the bridal party, which was announced into our reception by the PSU basketball game announcer. It was great, and so different.  Uniquely us!. And I want to help each couple I work with create that type of wedding night.  It was unforgettable.

Julie ended our conversation with an inspirational thought:

“If you have an open-mind, there are limitless possibilities. You come up with the vision, and we will dedicate ourselves to making your event extraordinary!”

Julie Mason can be reached at


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