Planner Profile: Jaime Dray

Meet Jaime Dray.  After getting to know Jaime on a personal and professional basis, I can safely state that she is an established wedding enthusiast and is also an active social networker; everything a modern wedding planner should be! Such a talented individual is hard to tie down at times, but I was able to snag her for an interview.  Since I know Jaime’s style of coordinating and how her personality compliments that, I came up with a few questions I knew she could elaborate on for our readers.

TTT: What is the first thing you do when you are assigned a new client?

Jaime: The first thing I do when I’m assigned a new client is gather all the information I can about them, their venue, and their wedding inspiration. After I’ve ‘done my homework’ I make a phone call or send a friendly email their way, introducing myself to them! Typically, a first meeting is scheduled after we’ve exchanged information and emails with each other. At that point, we start communicating on a pretty regular basis about the wedding details! I love getting to work with different couples and developing a relationship with them!

TTT: Relationships are so important when it comes to wedding vendors and the planning process. What is your favorite part about the planning of a wedding?

Jaime: I love to help a couple develop their inspiration and make it their own. There are so many creative ways to personalize a wedding celebration, and these touches are often times what become the most memorable elements to your guests. Seeing it all come together, and enjoying the way the couple and their guests respond to the finished product on the wedding day is truly the most gratifying feeling in the world!

TTT: And that is definitely something we specialize in; creating and developing the vision. What do you do between clients/weddings in order to prepare for the next wedding?

Jaime: I like to stay current with wedding trends by reading blogs and magazines, so I have some new ideas and thoughts when a new couple comes my way. I also make sure to network with wedding vendors and visit venues in the area, so I always have suggestions when asked.

When asked if she ever missed being an assistant, she firmly responded, “No!”.  For good reason, Jaime! We need you as a planner!

You can reach Jaime at and also on Twitter @Weddobsessed

She is also an avid wedding blogger! Check out her site!


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