Planner Profile: Victoria Bushmire

If you thought I was finished with presenting our team, think again. Enter Victoria, our resident scientist. JK.  But if you read below, you’ll see why I mention this.  Victoria is living it up as a planner and is also in charge of the Artistic Candy/Sweets Tables for WBN clients.  Get to know her!

TTT: When did you decide you wanted to plan events and what made you seek out TTT for employment?

VB: It was April of my senior year of college…one month from graduation, of spring 2006.  I studied Neuroscience and had been accepted to a few Ph.D. programs, and one day out of the blue I decided I didn’t want to study behavioral pharmacology anymore.  I wanted to plan events.  I think my parents wanted to strangle me.  But it was the best decision I ever made.  I knew I would never be happy as a researcher, and I knew I felt something exciting and wonderful when I worked on public relations and event planning projects.  Each of us dedicates a huge portion of our lives to our careers…so you’ve got to love what you do!  I’m so lucky to have such a fun and rewarding career.

The mother of a college friend owns a bridal gown boutique, so when I was looking for jobs I asked her if she knew any wedding planners.  She put me in touch with Katherine Shaw and the rest is history.

TTT: That’s quite the story. At least you didn’t discover this while in school for the Ph.D! Since you made the big jump from science to event planning, what is your favorite aspect of planning a wedding?

VB: Hands-down-100%-without-a-doubt I love the creative planning!  When I initially meet with a bride and groom, we discuss the theme for their wedding.  My minds starts spinning with so many awesome ideas!  It’s so much fun to work with a couple who isn’t afraid to take chances or do something out of the ordinary.  It’s the unexpected, innovative ideas that truly make the wedding memorable!

TTT: That sounds like something Kat would say J Good thing you are part of the team and probably why Kat put you in charge of those candy tables, which can be solely based on the theme. What do you do to help couples plan what to include on their candy table setup?

VB: Since I love being creative, my role as WBN candy table expert is so much fun!  I love creating truly artistic, eye-catching tables that leave guests in awe.  Yes, the table should coordinate with the theme of the wedding, either in concept or colors.  It’s amazing what you can do with a variety of candies, containers, and props.  Guests have so much fun filling up on sweets and packing some to take home.  I love working with clients to create a candy table that inevitably always ends up being a huge hit!

TTT: What would be your dream wedding theme?

VB: I’d LOVE to work on a Great Gatsby themed wedding!  It’s been my favorite book for as long as I remember, and it would be so exciting to bring its elements to life.  The 1920s was such an iconic era and I would love to live in it for just one night.

Thanks, Victoria!  Folks, don’t forget to keep reading up on this blog because we will be sure to feature some of WBN candy tables from this year’s weddings, which are currently in the exciting planning processes. Have a great week, everyone!

About Trends To Traditions

From a complimentary consultation to all inclusive coordination, we offer customized packages and guidance for over 70 possible wedding aspects and service providers. We serve the couple as: coordinator, director, etiquette coach, business manager, family mediator, creative planner, referee, and friend. We evaluate the couple’s needs and desires and match them to the vendors who will best meet their criteria. We help them budget most appropriately, according to their priorities. As Pittsburgh Wedding Planners, we negotiate for better prices and perks. We orchestrate the event from start to finish or simply help a client find one specific service. Katherine Shaw, owner, graduated from Theatre and Film school in 1992. Until the turn of the century, she planned events for the NFL, NHL, the AFL, and the WB network. She is certified as a Wedding Director through the National Bridal Service, is a member of the Association of Bridal Consultants, and has coordinated at least partial aspects of over 600 weddings and events in her career. She is supported by a talented staff with an impressive and diverse background. View all posts by Trends To Traditions

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