Unconventional Guestbook Ideas:

  • Post-its or Note cards in Envelopes- have each guest write on a post-it or note card and then put their card in an individual envelope attached to the guestbook
  • Scrapbook- have a scrapbook created with pictures of your fiancé and you, leave blank spaces for guests to write their messages
  • Quilt- have guests write messages on quilt squares and then have the quilt sewn together
  • Note cards in a Container- put colorful printed note cards or pieces of cardstock in a pile, have guests write message on cards, then put cards in a vase, punchbowl, baskets, or decorated boxes
  • Scroll- have guests write a message on a scroll
  • Leather-bound book- have guests write messages in this book, would be perfect for a country wedding
  • Pictures of your guests and you- put a message in your invitations stating you want your guests to bring a picture of you and them, or just themselves, then at your wedding have your guests glue their picture in the book and write a message by it
  • Extend your theme with the guestbook- add seashells, romantic colors, or abstract fabrics to your guest book to complement your theme
  • Piece of Art- have your guests design you a piece of art by setting up canvas on an easel, allow guests to make a mark on your canvas and then hang up the artwork in your house
  • Statement or saying- start your guestbook pages with a statement or saying such as, Love is…, so guests will not draw a blank when signing the book
  • Memorable- add movie, sporting, and concert tickets that you and your fiancé went to and receipts from memorable dinners or dates to the book and then have your guests sign around them
  • Framed Picture- have an engagement picture framed with a mat around it so guests can write their messages around the picture
  • “Wishing Tree”- have guests write on small long pieces of paper and hang their pieces of paper with a ribbon on an actual small tree, add strings of crystals to your tree to make it standout
  • Digital Guestbook- add a website link on your invitation or email your guests the link so guests can go the digital guestbook and post their messages
  • Chalkboard- have each guest take a picture when they arrive at the reception, and in the picture have the guests hold a chalkboard with a personalized message to the bride and groom on it
  • Birthday Calendar- have a calendar set out so guests can sign their name on their birthday
  • Fingerprint Book- have your guestbook pages marked off in fourths, and have guests stamp their fingerprints on a quarter of the page and then make a “fingerprint person” and write their message
  • Mad Lib- have a piece of paper at each place setting with a mad lib on it so guests can fill them out
  • Cookbook/Recipe Book- have a cookbook or recipe book set out so guests can sign around the recipes
  • Questions- set out a note card at each place setting with a question on it, so guests can answer the question at dinner and then be put in the guestbook (example: what is your favorite memory of the couple?)
  • Typewriter- have a typewriter set out with paper in it so guests can use the typewriter to type their messages
  • Postcards- set out a stack of postcards and a mailbox, guests can then write a message on the postcards, then put them in the mailbox
  • Heirloom Book- have a guestbook that is able to add in more pages and pass down your guest book generation to generation, so guests are able to look at messages from past decades
  • Polaroid- have a family member or friend take a Polaroid picture of each guest when they arrive at the reception and then the guest will post the Polaroid into the book and write a message next to it
  • Objects- have guests sign any objects that can become a decoration in your home, such as, a vintage map of the location, pottery, driftwood, small vintage car, seashells, a sled, skis, guitar, any sporting equipment, puzzle pieces and a cowboy hat or boots
  • Coffee Table Book- buy a coffee table book that will fit in with your home so guests can sign on the beautiful pages of the book
  • Rolodex- have guests write on colorful address cards that will fit in a rolodex, and they can add their addresses if wanted
  • Video Guestbook- guests can record their messages over a webcam at the reception, you can them upload your video on Facebook or YouTube
  • Fingerprint Tree or “Wedding Tree”- guests will stamp their fingers on a branch of a painted tree and then sign next to their fingerprint
  • Message in a Bottle- each guest puts their message in the bottle and then you open it on your 1st wedding anniversary
  • Wine Bottles- label five or more wine bottles with different anniversary numbers, such as, 1st, 5th, 10th, 30th, 50th… then have guests put their messages in one of the bottles and open them on the anniversary dates

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