Paper or Ipad?

Is paper more reliable than technology or is it time to make the switch?  We all love the feeling of physically crossing something off our To-Do list but what is it really costing you?  The debate here is between the good old event planner’s paper bible (sorry, I meant binderJ) and the iPad and whether or not an iPad is the better choice.  We can all imagine the environmental impact it would make if every event planner were to quit their printer and start relying on their iPads. Event Solutions Magazine makes a good case for the environment in this breakdown of how much paper really gets used per event; if one document is 24 pages, and there are 34 versions made over time of this document, then 816 pieces of paper are used to serve this one document.  And that is just one person working on one event with one document!  The reality is that there just aren’t enough trees out there to endlessly accommodate us event planners!

Aside from the environmental aspect of making the switch it can also be cost effective for your business!  Save money on paper, ink, and even printer repairs.  The average ream of paper is about $7.00 and there are 500 sheets in a ream.  Tack all the reams you would need for printing onto the price of ink and you could lose a huge chunk of your revenue in printing costs.


Most of all, organization is the key to success for event planners.  Binders are organization friendly because they give you the ability to physically move things where you want them and you can trust they aren’t going to move.  But sometimes with technology, making it personalized is more of a headache than it’s worth.  The iPad has access to millions of apps which are dedicated to personalized features for productivity!  From what we can tell, the iPad is just a cooler and lighter version of a back breaking binder!

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