Chevy Sonic Sweets Tour

Our sweet experience on the Chevy Sonic Sweets Tour!

Thanks to Chevy and the new 2012 Chevy Sonic, we had the opportunity to drive around in the new car to taste test various dessert bakeries in the city!  The tour started with a great explanation of everything the new Chevy 2012 Sonic has to offer.  Some of our favorite features: Tons of leg room, a fantastic looking interior, a USB and AUX plus in the GLOVE BOX (no thefts!) and On-Star who assisted us on our sweet adventure around the city. 

First stop, Sugar Bakery in Dormont.  The adorable bakery is really a hidden treasure!  We sampled a plate of three different delicious desserts that Sugar has to offer; French macaroons with raspberry sauce, lemon pastries and their famous Irish car bomb cupcakes.  The owner stressed to us just how “famous” these Irish car bomb cupcakes really are and we believe her!  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to be alerted when a fresh batch goes into the display case! 

Next stop, Dozen Bake Shop in Lawrenceville.  Recently reopened, this bakery has two locations; one in Lawrenceville and one in Oakland.  We were greeted with a wide variety of exciting treats to try!  This included some of their famous mini cupcakes, pumpkin gobbs, their version of a pop-tart, and a very interesting cupcake slide-pop!  This bakery is always looking for new and exciting things to bake; can you say, “$2 Happy Hour Cupcakes”? 

The last place we visited was a surprise to us all!  It is called Gluuteny and their desserts are gluten and dairy free, and not to mention… amazing!  First we got to try their pumpkin cupcakes made from their own dry mixes.  Not only was the cupcake tasty and moist but the icing was some of the best I’ve ever had!  Following that was a brownie that had a crunchy yet moist texture and it was full of flavor.  Finally, right before the sugar rushes set in, we got to sample a cake made especially for the Chevy Sweets Tour!  The cake was a white cake with fruit filling.  I can’t express how impressed everyone was this bakery, everything tasted as if it was made with all the usual suspects! The sweets tour concluded right before our sugar comas set in!           


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