Peacock Inspired Candy Table!

We’re combining two huge trends in the wedding world with this one!  A candy table that is themed to match the colors of a peacock feather.  This trend is fun for guests and offers some snacking food during cocktail hour!  Put out some empty boxes for your guests to fill up and your candy table will be a crowd pleaser!

First step to building a candy table: pick your candy!  The easy part about this is that you can get candy in almost any color.  Your options are almost limitless so be creative and even incorporate candy that you love.  Here, above we choose different candies to fit our month’s theme, which is, if you haven’t guessed, peacock!

The candies we choose are: blue foiled milk chocolate hearts, blue raspberry licorice twist, blue raspberry salt water taffy, dark navy mini chocolate balls, green sour apple hard candies, lime green candy beads, green apple soft sour candy, raspberry yogurt covered pretzels, blue raspberry rock candy, teal M&Ms, purple milk chocolate balls, and purple plums jell candy.  I also want to incorporate lollipops arranged in the shape of a peacock’s open feathers.

Next step in creating an amazing candy table is selecting linens!  There are so many amazing linens out there, and what you can’t afford to use on guest tables can be used on your candy table!  Using really unique linens on your candy table will make it stand out and look great years later in photos.  Here are some of our favorite linens to fit a peacock themed candy table.

Since you definitely do not want to just rip open candy bags and set them out, we need to decide what to put the candy in!  When selecting individual containers keep these things in mind:

–       What type of candy is going in here?

–       Will my guest be able to access the candy easily?

–       Is this container too small for a really popular type of candy? (Minimize refilling!)

–        Is this one different from my other pieces? (Think height, shape, size…)

–       If this gets knocked onto the floor by candy crazed guests will I be upset?

Get creative with your candy dishes!  You don’t have to use just clear glass bowls and cylinders.  Try thinking more along the line of interesting shapes like a star bowl or an oversized martini glass.  An interesting idea to try on your candy table is colored glass!  This happens to work well with our peacock theme.  Check out our glassware selections inspired by peacocks.

Once you’ve got all your basics selected it is time to add those special touches that will take your table from great to jaw dropping (before they drop for the delicious sweets!)  This is a great time to use any extra flowers left from your ceremony or even decorate with real peacock feathers!  Think of incorporating the things you can’t do, but want to, on your guest tables.  This could include lights, special flowers, ornate frames or whatever else you can think of!  There’s no right or wrong way to do a candy table, so have fun with it and remember… It’s just candy!


 UPDATE: We are adjusting a few things about our linen contest!  Please email all your submissions to  Also, we have increased the prize.  Now, if your design is chosen we will create a mockup wedding tablescape with your linen choices!

Need help designing a great candy table for your event?  Trends to Traditions does candy tables, of course!  Let us help you bring your theme to life with the use of sweets and creative thinking!  Candy tables are an ongoing trend with Trends to Tradition’s brides.  If you want to see more photos of past weddings that Trends to Traditions has done, visit our Facebook page and “like” us while you’re there!

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