Debunking the Destination Wedding

Recently there was a forum thread a bride started about trying to save money by having a destination wedding because she thought that she could invite everyone she would if it were in her hometown, and assume her invitees would not come. This made us think about writing a bit about destination weddings and debunk some of these myths people think when considering them.

So we will be completely honest, getting married is expensive. BUT looking at our last post, if done correctly, you can do it with a budget. Where you get married is an important part of your story as a couple and how you plan to continue your journey as a married couple. Many people are religious and have close ties to their local church, synagogue, mosque, and other religious establishments. By getting married there, they are continuing their faith together.

Some though, have that faith, but have a different idea of what their wedding looks like. Some envision getting married in a field of daisies surrounded by loved ones, on the beach with their closest friends and family, or some choose a destination wedding for other reasons. We are here to help you decide why you are choosing your venue, and why you shouldn’t be choosing your destination.

  1. Destination weddings will save you money because not everyone you invite will come. Wrong. Don’t pick a destination wedding thinking you can invite everyone you want and they won’t come- they will. Then you are in a awkward position.
  2. Destination weddings are cheaper than in the states. They can be.This is all dependent upon where you get married, how much you spend, and how many people you invite. Often if you had that same wedding at home, with the same people, you would save money.
  3. You can have a 2-in-1 to save money, a wedding and a honeymoon all in 1. Yes, this is true, however make sure it’s somewhere you would want to be anyway.

So why do a destination wedding? They are pretty fantastic actually. You have to want to be there for reason other than 1,2, and 3 above. You have special ties to the place, you are a descendant of that culture and it means a lot to get married in the place, or you love to travel and love a place so much that getting married there would be special.

Now that we have debunked some of these reasons, we hope you find a special place for your destination wedding. *Come back for some of our favorite places that would be phenomenal destination weddings   craftdb-1496.jpg

(150 people attended this destination wedding and the Bride and Groom felt so loved!)

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