Dreamy Over water Bungalows

Now you can stay in over water bungalows without having to travel nearly across the globe or further. You can go to the newly constructed Sandal’s Resort Montego Bay- Jamaica and stay in your own Bungalow. ✓ All inclusive (Literally ALL, everything, we mean it!),              ✓ luxurious, with your ✓ own butler,✓ all the water sports you can think of, and ✓ views to die for with a ✓ relaxing vibe to match with your own soaking pool.

✓ Sign us up please!

These guys have a wait time of up to a year! So if you want to go, sign up now! Let us know and we will make sure you are taken care of. We may try to sneak into your luggage and never come home, but you’ll never know we are there.

Courtesy of the Sandals Website, check out these pictures that we are sure don’t even do the place justice, you have to simply experience it for yourself! (destination wedding, honeymoon, baby-moon, anniversary, or just a vacation)


So what are you waiting for? Contact us today for the best rate and date!


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