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Incorporating Pets In Weddings

For many brides, the thought of including family pets in their big day isn’t even a consideration.  While they love their pets, they prefer to keep them at home.  But what about those brides who treat their pets like children?  Is it considered “okay” to include pets on your big day?  While many people frown at the idea of animals in a wedding, there are definitely ways to include them!

There are a lot of different things to consider when deciding whether or not to include pets.  One of the most important things to take into account is how your pet will react to the setting of a wedding.  If your pet doesn’t respond well to large groups of people, perhaps it is in the pet’s best interest to leave them at home with a trusted guardian.  But if you know your pet will do just fine, follow these TTT tips for incorporating pets:

  1. Assign someone to pet duties and to your pet’s “doodies”.  You will want to have one person to make sure your pet isn’t causing trouble!  Also, this person can help get your little friend to the appropriate area to “relieve” them self!
  2. Determine what role your pet will play.  Will your dog be replacing the traditional ring bearer or will your cat be monitoring the guest book?  This will help you give your assigned pet-person a better idea of their duties!
  3. Be considerate and let your guests know that there will be a pet in the wedding.  Give them some time to reconsider taking that anti-histamine before they leave the house.  Also, make sure your photographer is ready for pet photos.  They may need a little extra preparation time.
  4. Make sure that your pets are groomed and looking their best!  Also, consider if you want them be wearing attire of any kind.
  5. Have a backup plan and be ready to cut the pet’s part out last minute… Since you can’t reason with a misbehaving animal, it’s better to just move ahead without them than let them cause stress!

Peacock Bridesmaid’s Looks!

Creating the perfect peacock ensemble for a bridal party has never been so fun!  As modern brides start pulling away from traditions like all-matching bridesmaid’s dresses and black simple suits, it allows a newer market of young and fun bridal party attire to make it’s debut!  Modern brides love using different styles for each bridesmaid dress.  Finally, brides are considering their bridesmaids and letting them select a figure flattering dress that is as unique as they are!  When done right, this idea of mismatched dresses coming together can create a beautiful wedding party.  Using one of our favorite bridal attire designers, Jim Hjelm, we put together some unique bridesmaid looks inspired by this month’s theme: peacocks!

When you are creating a collage of gorgeous dresses there are many ways to do it!  One simple way to make sure all your dresses look great together is by sticking to one length and one fabric!  This dress combination is inspired by peacock feathers and the metallic hue they have.  Also, the common trait of a black accent on each ties the whole look together.   By having two dresses in the same color and two dresses in accent colors all with different necklines, it really emphasizes a fashionable approach to dressing your bridesmaids!

Bolder peacock hues and a burst of volume make these mismatching bridesmaid dresses strike a cord together.   What makes these dresses mesh?  Each dress is above the knee with a similar shine and fabric in different jeweled tones.  Also, each dress has a different section of volume to give your girls that extra pop!  These dresses are sure to give your wedding a unique yet fashionable twist.

Two colors, four amazing Jim Hjelm dresses.  This is a simpler color palette for a peacock wedding but what it pulls from the theme is drama.  Each dress is distinctive and dramatic ensuring you to have four stunning bridesmaids!  The length lends a sense of formality.  Not to mention, the length would help keep your girls warm during the cold winter month of January!  Since these dresses are so dramatic, sticking to two necklines and simple up-dos will really let the dress speak for itself.

Don’t forget that here at Trends to Traditions, we are available to order any of the Jim Hjelm Occasion dresses! Mention this blog post to receive 10% off your order. If you are interested in ordering one of his dresses, call us at 412-267-2108.

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