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DIY Peacock Flower Girl Basket

Sometimes the little details of a wedding can make all the difference.  Paying attention to accessories like the guest book and ring pillow can really pay off in “wow factor”!  If you don’t have the money to buy jaw dropping accent pieces you can make them!  Making different things for your wedding lets you get exactly what you are looking for.  Also, you will put a personal touch on your special day.  One simple craft project for you is to make your own flower girl basket.  This DIY is simple because you start with a basket and build on the accessories.

  1. I started with a simple basket that had plenty of openings for me in which to weave various decorative items.  I purchased this basket at Michael’s for about $7.00
  2. I chose a pretty string of garland with purple and pearl bead accents.  I also bought one peacock feather.  I also bought these at Michael’s for around $12.00.
  3. I used a royal blue ribbon that I had to weave around the bottom.

I simply started by weaving the garland through the holes until it gave the wrapped effect I desired.  You can zip tie the garland in place if you want to ensure that it won’t move!  Next, I weaved in the peacock feather and bent it until it was at the angle I wanted.  Finally, I wove a thin royal blue ribbon around the bottom to add more blue to the basket.

So for about $20.00 I was able to make a unique flower girl basket!  Much better than a boring one from the bridal store.

Cookie Tables: A Pittsburgh Tradition

Let’s take a little break from all our peacock talk to chat about cookie tables!  This lovely tradition is part of every *Burgh Approved* wedding and believe me, it’s a must.  Even Ben Roethlisburger, Steelers’ quarterback, who was wed July 23, 2011 was rumored to have had a cookie table at his wedding.  And whom are we kidding; of course he had a cookie table!  All I know is that when a bride-to-be asks me to bake three dozen cookies, I get a little warm feeling in my heart because I was entrusted with providing for the cookie table.

A tradition that started in South West Pennsylvania, cookie tables are starting to become more of an East Coast tradition now.  Traditionally though, cookie tables were primarily found at Italian and Catholic weddings and were meant to replace the wedding cake!  It’s easy to imagine how all those cookies would suffice as dessert for hungry wedding guests but I just don’t think I could swap the joy of taste testing and cake cutting!  Most modern brides also feel this was and so they do both.  Thus, they end up with a lot of left over cookies!  A great way to get rid of your cookie leftovers it to offer them as a wedding favor!  Put out empty boxes toward the end of the reception and people will happily fill them up and take them home!

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