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Let us save you money and a headache

Many people end up conducting their whole wedding because they believe they are 1. saving money and 2. can’t afford the wedding planner. Well we are here to help debunk these myths and explain the whole system of why a wedding planner/event planner/ travel planner is the best choice you can make.


Often we act with multiple hats and can do the decor, flowers, linens, as well as acting as the middle man to the venue. With experience in the business we are familiar with different venues, what they offer, what they are most likely to look like, and how they operate. We can help direct you towards ones that will be in your budget and help maximize what you want, understanding that your budget may be top priority. Since we are familiar with venues we may be able to get different prices knowing the ins and outs of their pricing.

The average wedding of 175 people costs 29,000. Now looking at that may shock you, but when looking at venue, cake, chairs, linens, china, catering, flowers, decor, time, man power, it all costs money and time.This is where we come in to help keep your budget where it should be, make sure you’re not getting the run around, and keep everything in check and on time. Think about all the time you would be placing into this, taking away from the time of enjoying being engaged. We will save you stress, money, headaches, frustration, and the best part… We do free room blocking for your out of town guests. So what are you waiting for? 

English Garden Themed Wedding!

Our Director of Design and Décor & Associate Wedding Planner, Katy Simovski, will be directing an English Garden themed wedding this Sunday, May 29th.  The wedding ceremony and reception will be held inside at the Westin Pittsburgh.  The ceremony and reception will follow Jewish traditions.

Katy gave me details on the wedding design and décor and the Jewish wedding traditions that will take place at this Sunday’s wedding:

This English Garden themed wedding can also be described as an elegant romance.  The color scheme is pale pinks, greens and ivory.  Jim Hjelm designed the bridesmaid dresses.  The dresses are, a-line tea length, sage with a cashmere underlay.  The florist will bring the outside in, and the romantic colors will be highlighted in their linens, centerpieces, and soft lighting.  The bride and groom will be married under the traditional chuppa (pronounced as hoo pa) found at every Jewish wedding.  Prior to the wedding, they will sign the marriage document known as the Ketubah, which will be read underneath the chuppa.  They will end the ceremony with the breaking of the glass, and escape to a private room for about 10 minutes to celebrate the Yichud, a short time for the Bride and Groom to reflect on their marriage.  In older days, this was the time when the marriage was consummated.  Jewish weddings are normally held on Sundays instead of Saturdays since Saturdays are holy to the religion.

Good luck to Katy and her team in directing and beautifying the wedding on Sunday!