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Foxley Farm

Foxley Farm is a charming farm located in the middle of fox hunting country, 2 miles south of Ligonier.  Once owned by the Mellon family, this farm combines a cottage house from the 1800’s and a ballroom built in the 1970’s.  Set on a stunning 58 acres, there are numerous buildings on the property.  There is a grand ballroom, cottage house, barn and separate spring cottage to name a few.  Each building is unique and in the process of being renovated to be enjoyed by brides and their guests.

We were greeted by one of the owners who actually lines on the property.  THe owner gave us a full tour of the estate and pointed out all the great renovations they are doing.  We started in the kitchen, which held its colonial charm.  Following a peek at the kitchen we were given a tour of the guest rooms and the many bathrooms.  I was very immersed by the closet space in the house!

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