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True Love ❤️

Today we were coming to you with the next underwater bungalow, just as dreamy, however much easier on the pockets .

That has since changed, so tune in tomorrow for that lovely view. We are instead going to talk about true love. What is true love? Is true love a pedestal we never quite reach the top of? I hear stories all the time of people “knowing” it was “love at first sight” and “young love” is real. This generation (i’m not suggesting anything, read it however you want) probably did not stick with their first love, or their high school sweetheart. If you did, I’m willing to wager on you still being together. We stray from these “first loves” because we are young, have “too much going on” or think it’s never going to work out. What if it did?

The older generation (my grandparent’s generation) currently in my opinion is in the hardest times of their lives. They are older and losing friends to ailments or natural causes. They live with tlotte-meijer-142578.jpghe worry of passing away without their spouse, or leaving their children and grandchildren behind. What’s interesting though, most of them tell stories of getting married right after high school, many marrying their high school sweet heart, first true love, and many still together with their “true loves” to this day.

If this generation learns anything from our elders, I hope it is:

1. love exists so don’t give up

2. life is short (most given advice by older people) so do what makes you happy

3. Be kind, because you don’t know what anyone is going through

We hope everyone finds the kind of love that makes you swoon and want to do what’s right for the world. Because when you’re in love you’re happy, when you’re happy it’s hard to do wrong to others.

Much love ❤️