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True Love ❤️

Today we were coming to you with the next underwater bungalow, just as dreamy, however much easier on the pockets .

That has since changed, so tune in tomorrow for that lovely view. We are instead going to talk about true love. What is true love? Is true love a pedestal we never quite reach the top of? I hear stories all the time of people “knowing” it was “love at first sight” and “young love” is real. This generation (i’m not suggesting anything, read it however you want) probably did not stick with their first love, or their high school sweetheart. If you did, I’m willing to wager on you still being together. We stray from these “first loves” because we are young, have “too much going on” or think it’s never going to work out. What if it did?

The older generation (my grandparent’s generation) currently in my opinion is in the hardest times of their lives. They are older and losing friends to ailments or natural causes. They live with tlotte-meijer-142578.jpghe worry of passing away without their spouse, or leaving their children and grandchildren behind. What’s interesting though, most of them tell stories of getting married right after high school, many marrying their high school sweet heart, first true love, and many still together with their “true loves” to this day.

If this generation learns anything from our elders, I hope it is:

1. love exists so don’t give up

2. life is short (most given advice by older people) so do what makes you happy

3. Be kind, because you don’t know what anyone is going through

We hope everyone finds the kind of love that makes you swoon and want to do what’s right for the world. Because when you’re in love you’re happy, when you’re happy it’s hard to do wrong to others.

Much love ❤️


All Star Event

One thing us “Pittsburghers” are known for is our love of sports.  When we met Ronald and Reba, we knew right off the bat it was going to be one spectacular wedding.  Reba certainly hit a home run while attending the University of Pittsburgh, because as she was playing softball, she was also falling in love with a star basketball player!  This All Star Duo decided to tie the knot on May 27th, 2012.  They said “I Do” in the Smithfield United Church of Christ, a gorgeous historic church filled with magnificent architecture.  They then made sure that none of their guests rode the bench for their stunning reception!  The reception was held at Jay Verno Studios in the South Side.  This venue is one of our favorites because of the creative freedom that is available!  It’s similar to a blank canvas and allows each event’s true colors to show and every little detail to really pop!  Speaking of colors and details, the whole room was adorned with deep pink lighting, complimented by the soft glow of candlelight.  The couple’s true passions were also seamlessly incorporated into the night.  Their team jerseys were hung on display for guests to admire as they chowed down on some delicious late night ballpark food!  Their escort cards were designed to look like admission tickets to a basketball game, and all of the table names were places on the University of Pittsburgh campus.  Even their menu cards were tied into the subtle sports theme!  The colorful flowers displayed throughout the room added that extra pop of color to really add to the glamorous atmosphere.  The couple’s very own cheering section {their friends and family} were able to dress up and take some candid photo’s in the photobooth, which were then able to be watched in real-time on the flat screen TV in the ballroom!  They then enjoyed the perfectly made pink cupcakes, created by a friend of the Bride!  Trends to Traditions Event Coordinator for this event, Kim Peters, said: “The sports theme was so perfect for the couple. With Ronald being a professional basketball player and Reba being a professional softball player all of the details were perfectly attuned to their style. Ronald is from the Dominican Republic and everything from their food to the music had a little Dominican flavor to it. Between the Dominican influence and the sports background their special day really accentuated who they are. Their guests had a wonderful time and didn’t want to leave at the end of the night.”

We think this event was definitely in a league of its own with all of its creative details and stunning outcome!

If you want to see more photo’s from this beautiful event, make sure to stop by and like our facebook page!


Venue: Jay Verno Studios / Event Coordinator: Trends to Traditions /  Photography: Lady of the Lens Photography/ Lighting: Jay Verno Studios / Linens: Pittsburgh Linen Rental/ Flowers: Wedding Design North / DJ: DJ Carlton / Videographer: Heartsong

Perfect Peacock Palettes

There are so many different ways to create a peacock theme.  This is primarily because there are so many beautiful and distinctive color peacock palettes.  Usually bold, bright and fun, the color combination is always eye catching.  Sometimes all it takes to start creating your theme is to find a color palette you love.  Sticking to a color palette also helps your décor look cohesive.  You can always add in accent colors as you go; metallic colors like silver and gold make great accent choices!  Check out some of our own peacock palette creations below.

Check out our other peacock inspired posts and let us know what you think!  Participate in our poll and get your designs in for our peacock inspired linen contest.  The winner of our contest will be featured on our Facebook!  Also, follow us on twitter @TTTWeddings for more from Trends to Traditions!

January: Crazy About Peacocks

Peacock weddings are one of the biggest trends in the wedding world right now!  And the wintery season is perfect to handle the rich tones and metallic accents that will pop against the contrasting snow on the ground.  When creating a peacock inspired space, linens really bring the colors to life.  Matching teals to deep purples and royal blues to hunter greens.  Using our new Trends to Traditions’ linen tool you can create peacock inspired tablescapes like the one here!


Think you can create a more elegant or fun peacock themed table with our linen tool?  Give it a try and submit your creations to us!  We will make a mockup tablescape using the winner’s design; winner selected at the end of January, so get your submissions in!  Remember to be creative and different!  Just select “email” once you’re happy with your design and send it to socialmediattt@gmail.com for your chance to be selected!  And make sure to use Pittsburgh Linen Rental for all your linen needs!

HOW TO: First select type of linen, like table or overlay.  Then underneath the linen types is  an arrow, select that and start choosing your linens!

Jim Hjelm Occasions Spring 2012

Many of you may not be familiar with Jim Hjelm, however, to those of us who live in the wedding world, Jim Hjelm is a very well known designer for bridesmaid dresses.

Within the last month, Jim Hjelm’s Spring 2012 Occasions dresses were released to distributers (including us, here at Trends to Traditions!) Now that the collection has been published online and can be viewed by anyone and everyone, we wanted to give you our official review of these new dresses.

Half of this season’s collection is made up of short, fun dresses. These dresses look similar to what you would wear out for a night on the town.  His dresses are not drab, dull, or something you would want to hide in the back of your closet. These dresses are fashionable and a breath of fresh air in comparison to bridesmaid dresses of years past.

A personal favorite is the Ivory pointe d’espirt strapless A-line bridesmaid dress; this dress is simple and elegant, with no potential of upstaging the bride. The belt around the waist saves the dress from being shapeless and gives it gentle definition. Even though the dress is a bit on the minimal side, with its simplicity, it is one which definitely could be worn again whether to another wedding or perhaps a semi-formal work party.

Whatever dress you end up choosing, know that if you go with one of Jim Hjelm’s Spring 2012 Occasion dresses, you won’t be limited to wearing the dress only once.

Don’t forget that here at Trends to Traditions, we are available to order any of the Jim Hjelm Occasion dresses! If you are interested in ordering one of his dresses, call us at 412-267-2108; mention this blog post to receive a 10% discount on your bridesmaid dress!

Jim Hjelm 2012 Occasions collection can be accessed here (http://www.jlmcouture.com/Jim-Hjelm-Occasions/Bridesmaid/Spring/2012)